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Stop and Run - Published by Samuel French Ltd

In 2007, a few months before her death, Diana wrote a one act play entitled Stop and Run. It was published posthumously by Samuel French Ltd and was first performed by Diana's own dramatic society 'The Willington Players' at Langley Village Hall, Kent, on 11th July 2009. The following week, it was performed by 'The Willington Players' as an entry to the 'Duncan Rand One Act Play Festival' at Medway Little Theatre in Rochester, Kent, where it won 'Best Comedy Award'.


When Eileen Dodds sent her husband out to get a portion of chips and two pickled eggs, she never suspected he would run off with the shop owner and not be seen for five years - but that's exactly what happened! Thirty years later, Eileen has decided to take her life back into her own hands, and much to the surprise of her daughters, Jackie and Tracy, she has returned from a holiday with Raymond, a blind bingo ball caller, who she intends to marry in a week's time! But is Raymond only after her money? And will Eileen ever find true happiness?

Images from the Premiere

Image: Raymond gets to meet Jackie for the first time

Image: Jackie nags Kevin

Image: Eileen has a pop at Kevin

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